Award-Winning Commitment

At Cartridges Law, we are committed to embedding sustainability across all areas of our business.

Our staff-led Green Team is helping the firm to identify and implement more environmentally friendly practices, from small changes to industry-leading initiatives such as Net Zero Now. 

We are proud to have been recognised for our sustainability efforts, winning the Sustainability Award at the Devon and Somerset Law Society (DASLS) awards 2023. This accolade reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.

Four members of the Cartridges Law Green Team in the Cartridges Law garden with their DASLS Sustainability Award.

Fostering a Culture of Sustainability

Established in 2021, our Green Team is made up of staff from across all areas of the firm, and is tasked with leading and engaging all members of the business with the sustainability drive.

Managing Partner Nicky Mein says, “We understood the urgent need to address its carbon emissions for some time but knew that the only way to make certifiable change was to enable staff at all levels to lead and engage others in the process. The Cartridges Law Green Team epitomises what it means not just to adhere to environmental standards, but to lead by example and to engage all staff to become invested in the journey.”

Partner and litigation lawyer Victoria Matthews says; “It is gratifying to see the work of the Green Team rewarded, both in terms of the award from DASLS, but, and probably more importantly the engagement and buy-in from staff and management at Cartridges Law.”

From Commitment to Action

The team is given time each month to work on its initiatives.Paralegal, and founding Green Team member, Amy Badoc says the team were able to implement a number of measures immediately to reduce their environmental impact. These included:

  • Turning the front spotlights off during the day and only having them on at night when the office is closed.
  • Blankets for staff working in the office to reduce heating emissions and to combat the increase in energy costs.
  • Refillable hand wash.
  • Buying coffee and tea in bulk and switching to Yorkshire Tea which has carbon neutral status.
  • Stocking reusable cups for staff to use when buying hot drinks.

From the merits of paper towels versus hand driers, and heat pumps versus solar panels, all areas are fully researched. The team also hosts staff seminars and lunches, and regularly provides feedback to their colleagues via a monthly Green Team newsletter. Opportunities to meet allow all colleagues the chance to ask questions and to discuss initiatives as a wider group. 

Industry-Leading Partnerships

We have also joined the DASLS Sub-Committee on Climate Change, and through this the Green Team was introduced to the carbon calculating platform Net Zero Now.

Net Zero Now is working with the Law Society to develop a protocol for the legal sector to calculate carbon emissions, and we were given the opportunity to participate in a pilot scheme to test out and provide feedback on the protocol. Data provided by Cartridges Law will be validated and used to create a Climate Impact Report and Emissions Reduction Plan for the firm. 

Amy says: “The team members are proud of what they’ve achieved and have individually learnt a lot about sustainability. It’s been a big learning curve for our team of young staff, but we’ve been able to start turning enthusiasm into actual changes. We’re really excited for the next stage when we implement the results of our Emissions Reduction Plan from Net Zero Now, as well as progressing other actions we’ve already identified.”

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