Anyone who has been involved in an accident, particularly a road traffic accident, will notice that within a very few minutes your phone starts ringing. Suddenly, all sorts of people seem to know you’ve had an accident and they’re anxious to help you to claim compensation for any injury you may have sustained.

There is quite a lot of controversy about where these phone calls are coming from and how they’ve got your number. There are several ways that your details are passed onto a claims company.

One is by a straightforward referral by an insurance company, perhaps within their panel as part of a commercial arrangement. There may or may not be a fee paid for your contact details. This could be your insurer or even the insurer for the other side.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you are free to be represented by whoever you wish in your case. You shouldn’t be pressured into signing up with a law firm presented to you either out of the blue or directly by your insurance company.

If you pick an independent solicitor then you should have the opportunity to meet the person who’s dealing with your claim, see if you like them, what their qualifications are, perhaps have a reasonable amount of certainty that that person might not change identity too much over the life of your case. You can have the confidence that they really are out to represent you.

As an independent solicitors practice, we only act for you. We do not have commercial agreements with insurance company, private hire companies, salvage people or anyone else.

If we take on your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement then it’s in our best interests to recover as much money as we can for you. We will not make outrageous demands or impose lots of ‘hidden’ terms into our contract with you. Instead, we believe that you should get the compensation you’re legally entitled to for the injury you’ve suffered, no less.

So, if your phone rings immediately after an accident, it won’t be us (as we won’t know about your accident). We would urge you to shop around and research the benefits of using an independent legal advisor. If you still aren’t sure, call us on 01392 256854 to have a no-obligation chat.