Do I need to use a lawyer for probate?

When somebody close to you dies, dealing with their affairs can be a challenging task. And if you have been left in charge of sorting out somebody’s property, money and possessions after they’ve passed away, then the chances are that you’ll find yourself dealing with probate. You may wonder whether you need to use a probate lawyer, or whether DIY probate is an option.

There are plenty of options for doing probate yourself, and a host of tempting DIY probate offers online. And in theory, it should be straightforward – assuming that the person has left only a small amount of money, written a will, and their estate is simply handed over to one person, or to a very small number of family members, who understand their shares in it.

Throw in different family set ups, shares and ISAs, more than one property, or somebody who didn’t have the capacity to make decisions before they died, and all of a sudden completing those probate forms might be considerably more complicated and time consuming than you first thought.

What are the risks of DIY probate?

The probate process involves legal, administrative and tax work, which can take a long time to go through if doing it yourself. If you make a mistake, it can take even longer to put right, and you could find yourself held financially and legally liable, even if your mistakes are genuine errors.

For instance, are you confident that you know the complete value of the person’s assets? Do you know whether they had any stocks and shares? Was the deceased in debt, and if so, are you confident that you know who needs to be paid?

That’s where we can help. We’ll take the weight off your shoulders at an already difficult time, and our small, yet specialist and experienced team will go through the probate process on your behalf. We know the questions to ask and the information that’s important in ensuring that matters can be handled swiftly.

All this means you and your loved ones are able to grieve in peace, with the knowledge that this is one area that you just don’t need to worry about.

If you would like to discuss a will or probate with a member of our team, contact Karyna Squibb on or call 01392 286774.