Property in Disrepair

We are housing solicitors in Exeter. We can advise on landlord and tenant responsibilities for housing repairs and disrepair disputes. We can also advise whether you may be eligible for compensation for disrepair, and help with making disrepair claims.

Who is responsible for property repairs?

Your landlord is responsible for most repairs in your home. This applies to private landlords, councils and housing associations. Their responsibilities include repairs to electrical wiring, gas pipes and boilers, plumbing, heating and hot water, as well as common areas including entrance halls and stairways, and the structure and exterior of the building, including walls, stairs and bannisters, roof, external doors and windows.

As a tenant, you will be responsible for minor maintenance and repairs such as changing light bulbs and fuses, and fixing anything you have damaged. You are not expected to cover the cost of repairs or replacements required due to normal wear and tear.

Your landlord should make sure that your home is safe and free from any hazards. If your landlord does not fulfil their responsibilities then you may be entitled to compensation for disrepair. We can advise on taking steps to resolve a repairs dispute with your landlord, and on making a claim for disrepair.

How long should my landlord take to make repairs?

Your landlord must carry out repairs within a reasonable period of time. How long your landlord has to do the work depends on how serious the problem is.

We’re here to help

We can advise on landlord/tenant responsibilities for repairs and dealing with disrepair disputes. We can help you make a claim for disrepair compensation if your landlord has not met their obligations.

If you appoint us, a named lawyer from our housing team will support your case from start to finish and keep you informed throughout. We will start by meeting with you to discuss your case, the process, and the possible outcomes. We will help you to understand your rights, and can also discuss options for funding your case. Depending on your financial situation, legal aid may be available for disrepair claims where there is a serious risk to your health and safety.

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