Illegal Evictions

We are housing and eviction solicitors in Exeter. Our experienced eviction lawyers can provide advice for landlords seeking to end a tenancy, including guidance on the correct legal procedures and the penalties for illegal eviction. We can also advise tenants on taking steps to prevent eviction and making claims for illegal eviction compensation. If you are a tenant, legal aid for eviction cases may be available depending on your financial circumstances.

What is illegal eviction?

Illegal eviction is a criminal offence. An eviction is illegal if a landlord has not followed the correct legal procedures to end the tenancy and gain possession of the property. Penalties for illegal eviction can include fines and in some cases even a jail sentence. In addition, the court may order the landlord to pay the tenant illegal eviction compensation.

An eviction is likely to be illegal if your landlord has used threats or harassment to force you to leave or has physically prevented you from getting into your home, for example by changing the locks while you are out.

A landlord will normally need to get a court order to legally evict you, however this may not be required if you are a lodger, a council or housing association tenant, or in emergency accommodation provided by the council.

We’re here to help

If you are a tenant who is being forced to leave your home, our eviction lawyers can help to determine whether your landlord is acting legally, take steps to stop an illegal eviction and, if necessary, help you to recover your belongings and deposit. We can also advise whether you may be entitled to compensation for illegal eviction, and whether you are eligible for eviction legal aid.

If you are a landlord wishing to evict a tenant, it is always a good idea to take advice from specialist eviction solicitors first to avoid incurring penalties for illegal eviction.

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