“The best thing about working at Cartridges Law is working with such a great bunch of people!”

Jenna Street, Legal Assistant / Secretary

Telephone: 01392 286771
Email: jenna.street@cartridgeslaw.co.uk

Name: Jenna Street

Job Title: Legal Assistant / Secretary

What does your job involve?
Speaking with clients and helping with any enquiries or queries they may have and being compassionate in certain circumstances and cases. Opening files and preparing initial letter to Clients including sending Terms of Business etc, Completing dictations, closing files, scanning of documents, ML ID and post etc updating spreadsheets and general admin in Private Client Dept. 

What is the biggest misconception people have about your job?
I think they assume being a secretary is being sat at your desk all day typing when in fact it is a lot more involved.

What qualities or attributes do you think you need to work in law?
Being able to listen to clients problems and being compassionate where necessary.

What is your top legal tip that you think everyone should know?
In relation to a Probate matter, people don’t understand that obtaining Probate can take many months or even years to obtain from the Court depending on a person’s estate and assets.