“My advice for anyone considering a career in law is to try and gain experience in the areas you are interested in – each area of law is very different.”

Hannah Quick – Family Law Solicitor

Telephone: 01392 286761
Email: hannah.quick@cartridgeslaw.co.uk

Name: Hannah Quick

Job title: Family Law Solicitor

What does your job involve?
Advising and representing clients in family law matters; primarily to do with children and domestic abuse cases.

What is the biggest misconception people have about your job?
That it’s glamorous! In reality it often involves long hours, working against the clock to meet deadlines and dealing with a lot of urgent matters.

Why did you choose a career in law?
I found it interesting and knew I wanted to go to university, so I chose to study law. After my law degree I found myself following the conventional path to becoming a solicitor – I can’t remember consciously making the choice; I feel as though I naturally fell into it.

What qualities or attributes do you think you need to work in law?
Attention to detail and time management are absolutely vital skills you need to build a successful career in law.

What has been the highlight of your career at Cartridges Law?
For me, it’s still qualifying as a solicitor in October 2019.