Meet Colin Wells, Head of Private Client

We welcomed Colin to Cartridges Law in November 2023. Before joining us, Colin was a non-solicitor Partner specialising in Private Client matters in London but returned to his native Devon in Feb 2022.

Colin’s life in law started in 2001 as a Clerk quite by accident, however he went on to study for a PGDip (postgraduate diploma) in Law at Kingston University in 2010, whilst working as a fee-earner for various firms in the home counties.

A husband and father, Colin is also a musician, published writer, a councillor for the local parish council AND a member of Plymouth City Council’s Independent School Appeals Panel. As you can see, Colin likes to keep busy!

In his 23 years of experience, Colin has been an advocate for clients in hospitals, care homes and in the Coroner’s Court, dealt high net worth estates and complex Powers of Attorney. That’s just the big stuff! Most Wills and POA can be uncomplicated, but starting that process isn’t always easy, or a comfortable conversation to have. This is where Colin shines. His main hope is to be the support families need during what can be incredibly difficult times.

The best thing about Cartridges Law is the teamwork and the family feel to the firm.

We did a quick-fire questions with Colin to get to know him a little better…

  1. How do you get into working in law?
    I started as a filing clerk in 2001.

  2. What is the biggest misconception people have about your job?
    Because you’re a lawyer, people assume you know everything about everything!

  3. What is the biggest challenge you face in your job?
    People’s expectations.

  4. What qualities or attributes do you think are important in your area of law?
    You need to be able to listen and empathise as well as being professional.

  5. What did you choose a career in law?
    I fell into it completely by accident.

  6. What would you say to someone considering a career in law?
    See the world, enjoy life and then go for it!

  7. What is your top legal tip you think everyone should know?
    Plan today for tomorrow, as tomorrow may never come.

  8. Tell us about you and your interests.
    Married with a daughter, I am a musician, a published writer, a councillor for the local parish council, a medieval history fan, ex-radio presenter AND a member of Plymouth City Council’s Independent School Appeals Panel!

  9. What do you like about working at Cartridges Law?
    The teamwork and the family feel to the firm.

  10. How does Cartridges Law compare to other firms you have worked at?
    Be very rude not to say the best!

  11. If you weren’t doing this job, what would you be doing?

  12. What gameshow do you think you could win?
    Not sure as I wouldn’t put myself in that position…

  13. What’s your unpopular opinion?
    In Exeter being a Plymouth Argyle supporter…

  14. Are you team ‘Work from home’ or ‘Work in the office’?
    Bit of both…

  15. What are you passionate about outside of work?
    Family, music, history

  16. Do you have any pets?
    One rabbit called Fluffy or rather my daughter does.

  17. Have you ever been mistaken for anyone famous?
    The Milky Bar Kid in the 70’s

  18. Have you got a family tradition you want to pass down?

  19. What’s on your bucket list?
    Nothing, what bucket list!

  20. What do you do to beat stress?
    Very Loud Rock Music