Many Voices Make Change

Today more than ever, there’s great need for communities to come together and celebrate the things that unite us rather than divide us – something Cartridges Law has always believed in, which has prompted our ongoing year-on-year commitment to Exeter Pride.

For Exeter Pride 2019 we look forward to being part of the celebrations on the day once again by taking part in the parade and exhibiting at Northernhay Gardens for the main party.

At last year’s Pride festival we launched our Many Voices Make Change campaign. A campaign that both acknowledged the many voices of people who had made a difference in fighting against injustice and inequality (of many forms), and also asked people to add their voice in support of Exeter Pride.

This year we continue with the Many Voices Make Change campaign, but ask people to think bigger and share a positive message via social media while using the hashtag #ManyVoicesMakeChange.

Doing so, we hope, will show all who feel oppressed and ignored, wherever they may be, that others stand with them. It’s these small acts of support and kindness toward people enduring difficult circumstances that actually alter dialogue, reframe debate and make change happen.

Whether you’re attending this Saturday’s (11 May 2019) Exeter Pride or not, share a message of support on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn while using the #ManyVoicesMakeChange hashtag and join the campaign. If you are going to Exeter Pride in person, we hope to see you at the Northernhay Gardens celebration.