As you may have read on our social media platforms and on our website, Cartridges Law has been really excited this year to support local para athlete Lexi Chambers in a series of world record breaking attempts, aimed at raising much needed funds for charity.

And on Monday 21 August, Lexi wheeled non-stop for 12 hours around Exeter Arena, beating the previous world record and raising much needed funds for the Aaron Lewis Foundation.

Lexi, who lives here in Exeter, is an amputee having suffered with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome as a result of multiple surgeries aimed at correcting the hammer toes which she’d suffered from for most of her life.

Some of our team was able to support Lexi during the day, along with many others from the local community. The atmosphere was electric, and we couldn’t have been prouder of her as she completed her challenge, never for one second giving up. We’re sure that the chants of ‘we believe in you Lexi’ and ‘you can do it’ helped her around those final laps.

The previous record had been set at 152 laps which Lexi completed in her eighth hour. Lexi completed a total of 193 laps in her 12 hours.

Lexi is thankfully recovering now although we are sure it won’t be long before she embarks upon her next challenge!

Lexi says: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for the incredible support and encouragement I was given all day. It was thanks to all of you that I managed to achieve a new world record and make the 12 hours. You are all amazing.”

In her spare time Lexi is also a talented artist, and in September Cartridges Law will be featuring some of her artwork in our reception gallery space, as part of the cARTridges exhibition.

It’s not too late to support Lexi – visit her fundraising page.