As you will no doubt have heard, we’re doing our bit to support local para-athlete Lexi Chambers in her epic challenge to ride in her standard, non-sport wheelchair for 12 hours without stopping! A world record attempt and a world first!

Lexi is a true heroine of ours and we can’t wait to cheer her on at Exeter Arena on Monday 21 August when she attempts this demanding challenge.

She’s been working so hard and providing us with updates when she can. Lexi explained that whilst the training has been going well, it’s been tough to prepare for every weather eventuality and to carry on through the wind and the rain – ah yes, the great British summertime!

She also says that she has begun tapering. For those who don’t know, this refers to reducing her training sessions by a small amount each week, to allow her muscles to heal and recover, leaving her ready for the big day.

Often it is thought that tapering is one of the best bits of training, easing off on the gruelling training and eating whatever you want. Lexi says that as a gluten intolerant vegan, it isn’t quite that simple, although she’s enjoying trying out different recipes and finding ways of hitting her protein goals.

Lexi explained: “Now it’s about staying injury free, keeping moving and ensuring I get the fuel right. It’s a tricky balance, especially as this is my first event of this length.”

She added: “So much can go wrong on an event of this duration, so we need to ensure we cover all the major potential disasters!”

One thing is for sure, the Cartridges Law team will be cheering her on and we can’t wait to do just that on Monday 21 August.

When she isn’t training for world record attempts, Lexi is also a talented artist. Cartridges Law will be showing her artwork as part of our cARTridges exhibition from 1 September to 31 October. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?