Here at Cartridges Law in Exeter, we are specialists in family law, which means our expert team puts family first in our legal work. And with Good Divorce Week taking place this week, there has never been a better time to talk about the realities of achieving a genuinely ‘good’ divorce, for everyone.

And whilst a good divorce may sound like something only Chris and Gwyneth can achieve, here at Cartridges Law it’s actually something that we strive for on behalf of all of our clients.

Because whatever your circumstances, divorce is tough. And we believe that it’s the job of your lawyer to do everything they can to achieve a smooth, swift and fair outcome with as little stress as possible for all parties.

Resolution code of conduct

Resolution, the organisation behind Good Divorce Week, and of which we are proud members, has put together a code of practice which our team follows in all divorce and relationship breakdown cases. It guides us in our work, and helps us to remind our clients of what’s important when going through this already stressful time.

Anita Laws, who leads our relationships and divorce team, says: ‘There are often many issues in a relationship that have led to the point of divorce. Throw children, finances and a house in to the mix and emotions, quite understandably, run high. The Resolution code of practice reminds us to avoid conflict and confrontation – it’s not always easy but is so important to help all parties see their way through the process clearly.’

A good divorce for children

The Resolution code of practice also focuses on children, encouraging all parties to put the needs of their children first. At Cartridges Law we are absolutely committed to this without exception. All too often we see that a relationship breakdown has had a devastating impact on any children concerned. We always put family first, and will work with you to ensure that the impact on your children is as minimal as possible, and that any arrangements will work for them first and foremost.

Additionally, the balance of financial and emotional impact is a key feature of the code of conduct. We help our clients to think about what’s best for them, and their family, in the long run. We often find that separating couples concentrate on the here and now, and struggle to see how actions now will influence their future. Your lawyer will set out the things you need to think and talk about, ensuring that all eventualities are prepared for.

Achieving a good divorce

It is our belief that if our clients have a good understanding of the process, their rights, and the rights of the other party from an early stage, it will enable them to gain control of the situation, and to navigate their way through the process calmly.

We offer everybody a free, 30-minute consultation before they decide whether to appoint us. To book yours, please contact us using the form below or by telephone on 01392 256854.

To mark Good Divorce Week 2021, Resolution is providing free resources for separating parents. Their free Parenting Through Separation guide has practical advice to help you put your children first, and there is more information available on their website.