Today is International Women’s Day: a day to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe. This past year has seen some incredible female-led accomplishments from around the world, including:

  • 8 more women were appointed heads of state or government – plus Kamala Harris, who is not only the first female Vice President of the USA, but the first Black-American and Asian-American person to hold that office.
  • The Tokyo Olympic games were the most gender-balanced Games in history, with women competing in 46 sports and making up 48.8% of all athletes. 
  • Women led the fight against COVID-19, including Dr Özlem Türeci and Dr Sarah Gilbert, who both led teams developing the Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca vaccines respectively.

Read more defining moments for gender equality that happened in 2021 here.

Cartridges Law is proud to be a majority-women firm – in fact, 85% of our team are women! Public perception of the law may be that it is a male-dominated profession, but we are very happy to break that bias with the work we do on a daily basis. Every day, but especially on International Women’s Day, we always uplift, promote, and advocate for both women we know and for gender equality worldwide.

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