What is an unavoidable accident?

There are over 3 million people injured due to accidents each year. For each of those injured people the question may be asked: is someone at fault or was it an unavoidable accident?

We can assist with answering that question.

The keys issues in deciding if an injury was the fault of a third party are:

1. What were the circumstances of the accident?

2. What, if anything, could have been done to prevent the accident and therefore the injury?

The factors that might affect whether an accident is considered avoidable or unavoidable may vary depending on what kind of accident it was and where it took place.

Types of accident

  • Accidents at work: has your employer fulfilled their duty to give staff all necessary training and equipment, and have they ensured work practices provide staff with a safe working environment?
  • Road traffic accidents: has the driver, cyclist or pedestrian acted in a way to ensure that all other road users are not exposed to a risk of injury?
  • Accidents in the home: if you are a tenant, has your landlord provided a safe and risk-free home?

How can we help?

If you have suffered an injury and are unsure if it was avoidable, please contact us on 01392 256854 or at enquiries@cartridgeslaw.co.uk. Our experienced personal injury team can help you to answer that question.