Two important bills, which lawyers at Cartridges Law contributed to, have become casualties of the general election.

Time ran out before the Domestic Abuse Bill and the Divorce Reform legislation were passed through Parliament – despite having great support from professionals, including family lawyers.

Penny Scott, partner at Cartridges Law, is chair of the Family Law Committee of the Law Society and contributed to both bills. She said: ‘Cartridges Law provides legal advice for many people caught up in and harmed by abusive relationships. We think if the Domestic Abuse Bill had become law it would have meant vital protection for victims and it could have promoted a real understanding of how abuse works.

‘And enabling divorce to happen without playing the blame game – which so often means children are overlooked as parents are forced to concentrate on their own conflict – is a step we should, as a civilised society, take. The ‘no-fault divorce’ legislation was a once in 30 years chance to make that change.

‘We have to hope these Bills will be reintroduced in the new session of Parliament, and that politicians will agree they are important issues for every family and child in the land.’