Here at Cartridges Law we are thrilled to announce we are now the proud guardians of the St Thomas defibrillator.

The defibrillator was gifted to the community by Fraser and Wheeler and was previously housed on the old Age UK building. A big thank you to the team there who disconnected it for us, as well as Jamie Gardner of Home Exeter who installed it on our building free of charge. A huge thank you to our wonderful receptionist, Helen, who brought this all together. Cartridges Law are really pleased to house such an amazing, and potentially lifesaving, piece of equipment for our St Thomas community and all who visit it. 

Defibrillators are very easy to use. Although they don’t all look the same, they all function in broadly the same way and you don’t need any training to be able to use one. The machine gives clear spoken instructions – all you have to do is follow them – and it won’t shock someone unless they need it. 

Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone, at any time. The following steps, as recommended by the British Heart Foundation, give someone the best chance of survival. If you come across someone in cardiac arrest:

  1. Call 999
  2. Start CPR
  3. Ask someone to bring a defibrillator if there’s one nearby (if no one is available to get one, listen to the emergency operator for further instructions)
  4. Turn on the defibrillator and follow its instructions.

For further guidance on using a defibrillator, see this step-by-step guide from British Heart Foundation.