“Positive”, “inspiring” and “an outstanding lawyer”, are just a few words which apply to Hannah Quick, Family Law Lawyer at Cartridges Law.

At just 30, Hannah has already achieved great success in her career. In 2023 she was admitted to the Law Society’s Children Panel. This made her one of the youngest lawyers in the country to achieve that status, and simultaneously one of a dwindling number of lawyers in the region qualified to act for children and their professional guardians.

So where did Hannah’s legal journey begin? She grew up in Exeter and after finishing school, she studied law at the University of the West of England. She continued her studies and went on to do a master’s degree at the same uni, combining this with a paralegal role at Cartridges Law. This led her to research (as her dissertation) around the experience of care leavers and she never looked back!

Hannah explains: “During my training I had opportunities to look at other areas of law but compared to family law, and especially children law, they seemed boring! I’m outgoing, I work best under pressure, and I’m interested in people and their lives. I like the fact that the work has its ups and downs. It’s probably not for everyone, but I love it.”

As a family law lawyer, Hannah works with a range of professionals and as part of a team. Sharing experiences with her colleagues and having their support and advice is paramount to her achieving great results. Children law can be personally demanding but she hugely values the support of the team: ‘We’ve got each other’s backs.’ Some of the professionals she works with include barristers: ‘I like working with counsel and I learn a lot from them’; the courts and judiciary: ‘Going to court is a part of the job I enjoy. I’m always taking notes, for my own learning’.

A Rising Star of Family Law

We are delighted that Hannah has been shortlisted for Rising Star at this year’s DASLS (Devon & Somerset Law Society) Awards 2024.

Penny Scott, former partner at Cartridges Law says:

” In my past role as chair of the Law Society’s Family Law Committee I met many leading national family lawyers and was privileged to have a bird’s-eye view on policies around the training and development of young family lawyers and on practices in firms around the country. It’s my view that Hannah shines in the national context. She’s an unusually gifted young lawyer and the field of children law is lucky to have her. As her confidence continues to grow, she shows maturity, independence of thought and a real excitement about her work. “

These complimentary words are validated by Hannah’s own when she talks about her clients:

” Each client is different, and so is their situation. The thing I try to do is to listen to them, really listen. It matters to me that my clients feel heard. I ask them to tell me everything, and then I work with them to frame their case. I try to be completely honest with my clients, too, because if we’re communicating well throughout the case the outcome doesn’t come as a shock. Nicky [Mein] (Managing Partner at Cartridges Law) always taught me that our job is to give the client the best possible chance and after that, the responsibility is in their hands rather than ours. It’s a tough message, but I agree with her. “

Nicky Mein, Managing Partner at Cartridges Law, has been Hannah’s colleague since 2016. She says Hannah’s sunny disposition and positivity has brought huge benefits to both the department and the firm, itself.

She adds:

” When Hannah first came to work for us, I didn’t see her as a children lawyer. She was so sunny-natured, so easy-going– why ever would she want to go into the arduous, rather gritty world of troubled families falling foul of social and legal norms? Surely she’d rather do something shinier and better paid?

I’m happy to say I was completely wrong about that. Hannah is a brilliant young children lawyer and a crucial part of both the family team and the firm’s plans for the future. “

A Bright Future

Legal aid underwrites the work Hannah does. While legal aid doesn’t pay riches it can, if (like Hannah) you work very hard and are prepared to do your own advocacy, turn a modest profit.

For Cartridges Law, this is an important part of the business model and we identified the Family Law Team as a driver for financial stability. For Hannah herself, it’s a priority to make her target, ‘I love figures! I look every day to see what I’ve brought in, and it drives me.’ (The partners would like to commend Hannah’s financial acumen!)

So, how does Hannah view her career? “I suppose when I left university, I assumed the next steps would inevitably be– good income, car, house. That’s not the whole story. This isn’t easy work, but I’m managing it. It’s giving me validation and status in ways which make me happy. I hope I can be a bit of a role model to others.”

We think she already is!