DASLS holds first Climate Change Conference

With the news agenda currently dominated by record-breaking temperatures it was timely for the Devon and Somerset Law Society (DASLS) to be holding its first ever climate change conference. 

Cartridges Law were thrilled to present our Green Team case study at the conference, and to meet other like minded firms who are doing their bit – law firms, like any other business, have an important role to play.

It was a brilliant event, with excellent information sharing and discussions on the importance of reducing our emissions; learning how to achieve the goal of net zero neutral status. 

Legal sector working towards net zero

Sally Redman, an Environmental Consultant for Landmark Information said: 

“Net zero refers to a state in which the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are balanced by removal out of the atmosphere. In order to do that we need to reduce our emissions by 45% by 2030, working towards net zero by 2050. 

“This is different to being carbon neutral. Carbon neutral means a company’s net contribution to Co2 emissions is zero. This is achieved by offsetting Co2 emissions. Rather than acting to reduce emissions, a company will continue to emit the same level of CO2 emissions.”

The conference was opened with a presentation from Alasdair Cameron – The Law Society, Policy Adviser. In 2021, The Law Society published a climate change resolution.

Their resolution focuses on identifying climate change risks, liabilities, and greener courses of action, looking at how to adopt science-based targets for business operations and consider climate change in the legal services provided by firms.

Exeter businesses leading the way

If you haven’t yet heard of Philippa Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Exeter based firm Binit, we would advise that you look her up. Philippa gave an inspiring presentation on how legal businesses may be affected by future regulation. Binit themselves have committed to Net Zero by 2025 with the help of SME Climate Hub, a non-profit global initiative for small to medium companies taking climate action. Everyone in the room had their heads down either taking notes of ideas or laughing along with Philippa on the glamour of all things waste!

Amy Badoc from the Cartridges Law Civil Litigation Department, and a founding member of the firm’s award-winning Green Team, presented the Cartridges Law case study on how we are working to achieve net zero. Amy explained that starting the process was daunting, with no one in the firm having any specialist experience or knowledge about climate change. Signing up to the process was the first step, and the changes implemented so far have led to us winning the 2023 DASLS Sustainability Award, of which we are incredibly proud. Our efforts towards net zero are heading in the right direction and thanks to a talk by Thomas Glover, Solicitor at Scott Richards, we have been able to add even more ideas to our list!

In the words of the Devon & Somerset Law Society: 

“There’s never been a better time for the legal profession to take the lead in the race to net zero.” 

At Cartridges Law, we couldn’t agree more.