House prices hit an all time high in July, according to the Halifax House Price Index, as a result of pent-up demand following the coronavirus lockdown. But industry experts are warning that the longer term impact of the pandemic on the housing market will only start to become clear in the coming months.

In a competitive but uncertain marketplace, how can you ensure your sale goes through smoothly? At Cartridges Law our experienced team will help you every step of the way, when you are selling or buying a property. Cyndy Walker, Head of Residential Property, has put together these handy hints and tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

  • Get organised: make sure you are prepared, gather together any documents that you will need as part of the sale. Check with your lawyer about the paperwork that will be required; these could be things like information you received when you bought the house, any work you’ve had done or correspondence from the council.
  • Ask your lawyer: If you can’t find an important document, talk to your lawyer first. They might be able to save you time and find another way of approaching a particular issue.
  • Don’t delay: Answer any questions quickly and as thoroughly as you can to keep the process on track.
  • Be flexible: try and build some flexibility into your completion date target. Although everyone will be working to the same date, sometimes there will be unexpected problems that cause delays, often when there are complicated chains. Realise that it is a target but it is not ‘set in stone’, which may help to manage expectations.
  • Choose your conveyancer carefully: when choosing your conveyancer, don’t always select on price; try and get personal recommendations, think about other factors such as how easy they are to contact, and who will actually be handling your sale.

If you would like to discuss conveyancing services with a member of our team, contact Cyndy Walker at Cartridges Law on 01392 286770, or email You can also get an online quote with our residential conveyancing calculator.