With the current cost of living crisis, you might be tempted to put any potential house moves on hold. But the Cartridges Law conveyancing team says that this might not be necessary, and that whilst the market is ever changing, it could still be a good time to make that move.

Cartridges Law partner and conveyancer, Cyndy Walker, told us more.

She said: “there are a few tips that I’d give to any potential house purchasers or vendors that can really help to make the sale as smooth as possible.”

Cyndy says that property is still selling, but the prices seen in 2021-22 may not be realistic.

“At one point it seemed that a house seller could name any price, and somebody would buy it, but that doesn’t now seem to be the case. Houses are still selling, but I would say to anybody that they need to really listen to their estate agent about what’s realistic right now. If you can, get a few different prices from different estate agents, so that you understand what’s realistic.”

Another of Cyndy’s top tips is to get any documents and certification in order before you proceed with a sale. This means that requests further down the line can be dealt with immediately, without the need to hold things up for you and others in your chain. Similarly, respond to any information requests promptly to keep the process moving.

Finally, Cyndy says it’s important to be patient.

“We are finding that transactions are often taking longer than they used to, and that chains seem to be breaking more regularly than in the past. But I’d say to anybody not to despair –
chains usually mend again and if you’re prepared to be patient, you’ll find that you will get there eventually.”

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a conveyancer who really understands the market and how to get your property sold or bought efficiently and as smoothly as possible, get in touch with our housing and conveyancing team today on 01392 256854.