Finding the right lawyer for your business

If you’re setting up, buying or running a business you will probably need some specialist legal expertise at some point. Cartridges Law are members of Lawyers For Your Business – a resource from the Law Society that helps small and medium businesses find the right legal support.

The service helps businesses to find accredited commercial solicitors near to them, with a guaranteed 30-minute free, no-obligation consultation with a specialist lawyer when they make an enquiry.

So how does Lawyers For Your Business work?

Head of Business at Cartridges Law, Victoria Matthews says: “Aside from perhaps buying or selling a house, many people will not have needed a specialist solicitor before. It can be hard to know where to start and that’s where the Law Society and Lawyers For Your Business comes in.”

Lawyers For Your Business is simple, quick and free to use. Just call 020 7405 9075 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email (remember to include your postcode or town/city in your email).

Lawyers For Your Business will then send you a list of firms in your area who are members of the scheme.
You can also use the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor directory to search for law firms that specialise in dealing with their particular legal need. Look for solicitors that have the Lawyers For Your Business badge.

When you make an enquiry with a solicitor via Lawyers For Your Business, you will be offered a 30-minute free consultation, which can be face-to-face, by phone, or by email.

Your solicitor will discuss your legal issue, outline the next steps that would be taken, and provide an estimate of the costs and likely timescales. There is no obligation for you to proceed.

Lawyers For Your Business only recommends law firms registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which gives extra assurance to potential clients. Because referrals come from the Law Society, there is no doubt about the level of expertise and experience available to a potential client.

We’re here to help

Victoria says: “We deal with a wide range of business matters, including setting up or changing the legal structure of a business; buying and selling shares, commercial property or other business assets; drafting contracts, policies and other legal documents; advice for employers; and commercial dispute resolution.

Victoria continues: “At the moment we’re particularly busy as so many businesses are trying to get their affairs in order before the next tax year. We’d encourage any business to think about things throughout the year and having a solicitor on hand can help them to foresee what’s around the corner, instead of what’s in front of them at that particular moment.”

To speak to a member of the Cartridges Law business team, contact us using the form below, email, or phone 01392 256854.