Health, Social Care and the "Dementia Tax"

05 January 2018

You can hardly have missed the recent headlines about health and social care; from bed blocking to the hastily abandoned social care proposals of the general election. Who pays for care is the big issue no one seems willing to tackle.

A dementia tax?

The dementia tax refers to the current unfair arrangements around paying for care.  Put simply, if your needs are deemed to be ‘health,’ the full cost of your care will be met by the NHS, but if those needs are classed as ‘social,’ you pay the full cost, until or unless your capital is below the ‘threshold’ of £23,250 and even then you will pay a contribution to your fees.  This means that the decision about whether your needs are ‘health’ or ‘social’ will mean the difference between paying thousands, or nothing for your care.

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