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Our Track Record - Cartridges Law

Our Track Record

What follows is a summary of just some of the recent successful cases we have fought.

"Back in 2010 myself and my wife were travelling in a car on Two Bridges Road in Exeter, when we stopped in traffic we were struck from behind by another vehicle, both of us suffered injuries. 

Of course we contacted our insurers and our insurers put us in touch with some solicitors who they said would represent us.  Some months later we had both been told that our cases were worth in the region of £1600 to £1700 and I was under pressure to accept an offer of £1600.  My wife was under pressure to accept an offer of £2999.   We didn’t think this was enough, we both have physical jobs and we’d been out of action for some time as a result of our injuries. 

On a recommendation we saw Chris Tagg at Cartridges who took over our cases and after quite a fight recovered £6750 for me and £6000 for my wife, it is a much better result than we would ever have got with the insurance solicitors; and that’s why I would recommend Cartridges.

Mr W, Exeter"

And some other successful cases:

  • Our client slipped on the floor in a local store made slippery by standing water injuring his shoulder badly.  We recovered £50,000 compensation for him.
  • A client tripped in a school car park while walking across it. She broke her wrist.  We recovered £3000 in compensation.
  • We acted for a 62-year old kitchen porter who was knocked off his motorcycle on his way to work. He dislocated his shoulder, creating permanent weakness and inability to lift weights, thus cutting short his working life. We achieved a settlement before trial of £80,000.
  • Acting for a cleaner knocked down whilst crossing the road, suffering permanent injuries to a shoulder and knees, we settled her claim for £48,000 - despite the fact that she did not use a pedestrian crossing, thus introducing a contributory negligence deduction (which we limited to 10%).
  • We recovered compensation for a former insulator who contracted a terminal lung cancer called mesothelioma.  This was caused by his exposure to asbestos dust 30-40 years before his illness.  In this instance, we offered a reduction for early settlement so that our client could still enjoy the use of his damages. Compensation of just under £110,000 was awarded.
  • One client was injured in a road traffic accident on a motorway.  His injuries initially did not seem very serious but he developed a very serious neck problem which destroyed his career.  We recovered compensation of just under 1 million pounds.
  • A forklift driver was thrown from his cab after riding over a carelessly discarded piece of wood in a poorly lit area of his workplace. Acting on his behalf, we gained a settlement of £5,500.
  • Tragically our client’s husband was killed in a farming accident.  Farmers’ income has been depressed for many years.  We used expert evidence to show that the true loss to the family was much greater than might have appeared from a simple reading of recent years’ accounts and obtained substantial compensation for them.
  • One client, having purchased a set of steps whose treads turned out to be covered in a dangerously slippery material, fell off them and injured his neck. A settlement was finally agreed with the steps' importers of £1,800.
  • Yet another client fell in the street after purchasing a defective pair of high-heel shoes. A claim was brought against the manufacturers, who settled at £2,000.
  • Another client worked as a riding instructor.  Her horse fell on a badly maintained riding surface and she broke her shoulder.  We recovered over £10,000 compensation for her.
  • One of our clients was asked to continue working in a highly stressful job for many months in spite of complaints that she could not cope with the level of pressure and that she needed more support. After a lengthy battle we recovered compensation for her of over £40,000.
  • Whilst attempting to remove trespassing cattle from his land, another client suffered a fractured ankle which may require surgery in the future that will result in early retirement from work. We recovered £50,000 damages on his behalf.
  • Repetitive lifting of heavy loads whilst working for a food wholesaler over a long period resulted in a back injury which rendered another client incapable of doing any more of this kind of work. We obtained a settlement from his former employers of £60,000.
  • While attending a customers house one client was bitten by his mastiff dog tearing his expensive suit and causing a puncture wound to his lower leg.  He recovered compensation of £2500.
  • A farmer, unable to return to farming after suffering a severe foot infection when a fork pierced his booted foot, was able to retrain and pursue a different career thanks to the £75,000 settlement we obtained for him.

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