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Children: Private Law - Cartridges Law

Children: Private Law

No matter the conflict between you and your partner, neither of you will want your children to suffer in the fallout. If family breakdown is not dealt with calmly and sensitively, children of any age can be seriously affected, and if they become a theme of the conflict they may find themselves under undue pressure and stress. You will always want to have time with your children, but bringing them into a long battle over who sees them when and how often can damage relationships and pile stress on everyone involved. Emotional support for such sensitive and personal issues is just as essential at these times as practicable and expert advice, all of which we at Cartridges provide.

It is our belief that children should be kept as free from discomfort as possible. This means that we will do as much as we can to avoid going to court, and will support you in any steps you take to the same ends in order to reduce any emotional impact on you and the children, and avoid any extra costs to you. We advocate mediation and all forms of dispute resolution over Court proceedings, but if there is no satisfactory alternative our team will take your case through the Courts and stay with you even as far as an appeal, should it be necessary.

We have a highly specialised team and we are very attentive to the needs of both yourself and your children. Whatever your situation, we have the expertise and the dedication to help you to achieve your goals, and the best outcome for your children.

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