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Cartridges Self-Help Divorce Packs - Cartridges Law

Cartridges Self-Help Divorce Packs

Cartridges Self-Help Divorce Packs

We understand that this is probably a journey you do not want to take, where you feel alone with no clear idea of how or when it will end.

Our Divorce Packs provide everything you need to find your way through the paperwork which must be completed in order to bring your marriage or civil partnership to a legal end. 

The Packs have been prepared by Cartridges divorce team, headed by partner, Bridget Garrood.

Includes a 30 minute consultation

We hope that our Divorce Packs will achieve the right balance providing you with the information and forms you will need, while explaining the process in plain English. However, we know that divorce can be a daunting process.  The price of the Divorce Pack therefore includes a 30 minute consultation with an experienced member of our team.

It is entirely up to you when you choose to use this consultation; it is available right at the beginning or at any time during the process. Inside the Divorce Pack you will find a request form and a freepost envelope to request your consultation.

Further Assistance is Available if Necessary

If you feel you need further assistance we can provide further meetings through our new face to face service, which places you firmly in control of your costs. Please telephone 01392 286796 to find out more about the face to face service or email  

If you decide for whatever reason that you want to be fully represented, we are happy to discuss our various funding options for this, including fixed fees. If you choose to change to a fully represented option then we will deduct the price of the Divorce Pack from your overall costs.


Cartridges Self-Help Divorce Packs cost just £150 and include a 30 minute consultation with one of our specialist family lawyers.

Register now for a Cartridges Self-Help Divorce Pack by calling 01392 256 854.

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