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Funding Your Civil Litigation Case* - Cartridges Law

Funding Your Civil Litigation Case*

We will agree with you at the outset what work we will do and how much it will cost. We will not charge you unless and until we have agreed a retainer with you.

If you qualify for initial advice under the Legal Aid scheme (legal help) we will advise you accordingly and we may be able to take your case on that basis. If it is appropriate to apply for a Certificate of Public Funding (legal aid) to start or defend court proceedings we will help you to make the application and may be able to act for you under such a certificate.

In some cases we may be able to act for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement.(CFA). If we agree to act for you in this way it will mean that we will not charge for our work unless we win the case for you when the legal costs should be recoverable from the other side.  If you decide to employ us to act under this kind of retainer  in addition to our legal costs we will charge a success fee, the amount of which we will agree with you at the start of the case.  The success fee cannot be claimed from the other party.  You will be liable for this but not until you receive your damages when it will be paid out of them.

Where appropriate we can help you to arrange insurance to cover the other side's legal costs if you are not successful in your claim. If you win you will have to pay the premium, normally out of the damages we recover for you. If you lose you do not have to pay the premium.


There is a cap on what we will deduct from your damages.  The amount we charge you for this premium and the success fee explained above will not exceed 25% of the damages we recover for you.

*Please note this funding only concerns non-family civil proceedings

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  • Many thanks Chris for the cheque in settlement of my claim for the accident.