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Business Hub - Accountancy Services - Cartridges Law

Business Hub - Accountancy Services

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Business Start-up Advice

When a business plan should be prepared and what it should contain; the most suitable structure - sole trader, partnership or limited company; whether a partnership / shareholders’ agreement should be entered into and what it should cover; insurance requirements; maintaining accounting and other records – what needs to be kept and what systems options are available; what would happen in the event of the death or disability; succession planning; the risks of ‘disguised employment’

Incorporating Your Business

How to go about forming a company; naming a business; choosing a year end; required registrations; what to do about a registered office; what returns are required and by when; what penalties can be charged and how to avoid them

General Business Advice

Understanding the importance of budgeting and cash flow forecasting and the options available; understanding where a business ‘breaks even’; insurance issues; raising finance; identifying other areas where specialist advice and services may be required and potential service providers

Landlord Services

Tenancy agreements and what should be included in them; what can be claimed against tax; capital gains tax issues

Employing Yourself and Others

Registering as an employer; extracting funds from your business in a tax efficient way; what contracts are required; what you need to do about pension ‘auto-enrolment’; operating a payroll and the forthcoming ‘Real Time Information’ reporting requirements; hiring and firing – what things to look out for

Business Tax and VAT

What expenses can be offset against business income; when partnership tax returns need to be prepared; managing corporation tax; the options available for VAT registration and which suit you best; voluntary versus mandatory VAR registration; insuring against HMRC investigations; what returns are required and by when; what penalties can be charged and how to avoid them

Personal Tax

Whether you need to register for self-assessment; how to establish if you have overpaid tax and how best to reclaim it; what expenses you may be able to offset against your income; what returns are required and by when; what penalties can be charged and how to avoid them

Construction Industry Scheme

How the system works and the paperwork involved; reducing the percentage tax deducted; obtaining and tax refunds due

Dispute Resolution

How to minimise the chances of disputes arising in the first place; understanding the resolution options available and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each option

Risk Assessment

Identifying potential risk areas and what can be done to minimise the exposure to these

  • I would like to thank you very much for all the work you put in and everything you did for me in helping me regain the custody of my children. I am exceedingly grateful for all you did, and so thankful that I managed to get my children back - it wouldn't have happened without you and your help, guidance and advice.

    Heidi Davey

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